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June 4, 2008

the tent...

Aubrey has a new blog that he's working on, so you might have to settle w/ my ramblings for a while! We had our second weekly exam yesterday and there's not much new news to report. The doc said that I'm almost dilated to a 2, so there was some progress in the week! I have to admit that I have become somewhat miserable overnight! I think it may have something to do w/ Grady "dropping" b/c I'm having lots of low back/hip weirdness and I feel, well...huge! I went to Target yesterday to try to find a few maternity items to get me through the next few weeks of heat and hugeness and had absolutely no luck! I mean why do they put big flower and animal prints on pregnant lady dresses!? As if you don't already look like you've pitched a tent from the side, now it's a big red flashing tent that screams "I'm about to pop!" I do have this pink cotton gown that I put on the moment we walk in the door that I know Aubrey would probably love to burn! It is so ugly but so comfortable! So...if you see me in that soon, just know that it was the only thing I could come up with that doesn't bind or tent!


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