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June 8, 2008

A few of my favorite things - Part 2

For my second "favorite things" post, I have utilized the technology of the cellular telephone to bring this wonderful experience right to your own computer screen.

At a shower/luncheon at Jen's work (which I was so kindly invited to attend), we received some very kind and cool gifts. Grady got a big swing that had the manliest polka-dots in the world on it. In my opinion, polka-dots are the epitome of unmanilness, but Jen assured me that it's OK for ages two and under. Anyway, among the wonderful things we received, not withstanding the turkey reuben from Jason's deli... yummy, we were given some balloons. One of these was shaped like a baby with an enormous head and very small body, but very cute regardless.

Jen and I decided to meet up after work at a furniture store to look for a dresser for Grady's room. En route, I had this awesome idea to take the baby balloon and put him in the passenger's seat. Seriously, he was just floating there with this little smile on his face. I thought he was so cute, I started calling him Grady and talked to him on the ride over. No worries you paranoid parents, because I securely fastened Him to my computer bag via the nice balloon string provided. I pulled in right beside Jen in the parking lot so Grady was looking right at her. We seriously laughed our heads off, because it looked so funny.

On our way home, I moved him to the back seat for safety reasons. You know, the AAP and ACOG recommend that an infant not ride in the front seat when there is an airbag present. Something about a balloon exploding at 200mph and a car seat don't match. Jen snapped this shot of Grady in the back seat with her mobile telephonic device equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera! I have it on my phone as the background... you should too!

P.S. For those of you that may question... Yes, we can fit a carseat in the back seat of the 'rolla! Just ask Kim.... we stuck two carseats and an adult back there once. A bit uncomfortable, but blissfully efficient!

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