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July 16, 2009

23 weeks...

I had my "24 week" appt. on Monday...we're about a week ahead of schedule b/c of so much traveling! It was pretty uneventful but hey, that's a good thing right!? I've only gained 6 lbs. which is crazy b/c I'm pretty sure this belly is growing by the day!:-) It's probably due to 2 things...this awful Texas heat & chasing a certain little wild man around!

The baby's heartbeat was so strong and he kicked the wand every time she moved it...he's a very active little guy! I have definitely been nesting...I think I've cleaned out every closet & cabinet in this house! Crazy, I know! Here is a picture that Aubrey made me take at the restaurant last night since we have very little belly documentation this time around!:-)


July 9, 2009

Grady's 1st B-day Party!

We drove to Nashville last weekend for Aubrey's 10 year reunion and decided to celebrate Grady bug's big day too! What a weekend!:-) My sweet sister opened up her home for the party & it was perfect!!! Here are a few pics...

the birthday boy w/ Mom & Dad...
showing off his age!:-)
opening presents...Grady was SO into it
(I was pleasantly surprised!:)
Grady was all smiles during his b-day song...he didn't
mind being the center of attention one bit!
He turned into a giggle-box w/ the cake in front of him...he kept
looking around like "are you sure this is okay!?"
Grady LOVES the water & has no fear...scary!
crawling out of the baby pool!:-)
more to come soon...