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May 21, 2009

Grady's 1st Baseball game...

We were given tickets to the Roughriders game on Monday night (for you Nashville readers...that is our local AA team). Along w/ the tickets, which ended up being on the 3rd row, right behind home plate...we had a free parking pass and little pink bracelets that allowed us to eat free!!! Grady thought Deuce (the mascot) was hilarious and got to give him a high-five! He danced every time the music came on and of course got to know everyone around us!:-) We had such a fun time...thanks Evans family!!!


May 17, 2009

"look what I found, Mom!"

Grady was crawling around in our bedroom (which was, to my knowledge pretty well child-proofed!:) and I had run into my closet to grab some flip flops when I heard a loud "BOOM!" I ran into the room to find this... Take 2: the next day Grady crawled into my bedroom and straight to the guitar! We've decided it is definitely not off limits! Oh, and his new nickname is August Rush b/c he likes to play some harmonics action!:-)
I mean, seriously...have you ever seen a sweeter smile!?
My everything!!!


May 11, 2009

From the Video Vault

My oh my! It's been way too long, but after much public outcry, for your viewing pleasure, more videos of our son! You are bienvenidos!

Smack Talk from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

Praise The Lamb from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

Practicing his worship moves!

First Steps from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

I grabbed the camera right after Grady took his first steps! So sweet!

The Clapper from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

An early training session preparing Grady for his public clapping debut at his dedication at church! :)

Peas Out from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

He seems to be struggling with the peas.

There are also a few additional shorts on our vimeo page if you wish to tune in.