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May 29, 2008

9 months!

I woke up this morning thinking "9 months!" On one hand this pregnancy has flown by and on the other I feel like I've been pregnant forever!:-) I had my first weekly exam Tuesday and it went great! Grady's heartbeat is so strong & he's still head down, ready to go (possibly for good now)! I am dilated to a 1 & 50% effaced, which I was not expecting! Unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily mean that Grady will come early - but it is a good sign that my body has started the labor process!

I can't complain - I've had a great pregnancy but I will say that this Texas heat is starting to get to me! 95 degrees and my big ol' belly are not a fun combination! Yesterday, I took Riley for a walk around 11 b/c it was supposed to be a little bit cooler (like in the 80's). Yeah well, I must have read the forecast wrong! As we were rounding the last street, my fingers looked like sausages and Riley decided that he was finished. He pulled me over under a shade tree, plopped down on the grass & looked at me like "I can't make it any further!" I waited for a minute but figured we better both get home & get some water before I swelled up like an elephant! So, I picked up his little domesticated butt & carried him the rest of the way! I'm sure we were a lovely sight!:-) When we got home, he drank a gallon of water and went & layed on my bed under the fan! Needless to say, my new form of exercise from here on out will be swimming!



Rollins Family said...

You look adorable. (I like the skirt) The bedding turned out amazing. I cant wait to see it in person with little Grady in it.

Eric and Tyra said...

That's a funny story! Last August (when Tyra was about 3 1/2 months pregnant), our AC went out at home and for like 2-3 nights, Tyra, our little dog Gabi, and I slept with like 3 fans blowing right on us. Ugh, it was awesome! ha! Pregnancy and heat and humidity don't mix too well!