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April 19, 2008

Subway, Strollers, and the Tank

Greetings from the great city of Hendersonville, Henersnvil, or H-vegas as many call it. Jen, Grady, and I are in town for Grady's first baby shower!! This pregnancy has been a time of a lot of firsts for me. My first visit behind the doors of the lady Dr.'s office, my first time to feel a little human inside of my wife's belly, and my first experience with breastfeeding class. None of which were quite as overwhelming as our first experience with Babies-r-us! Let's just describe it this way:

Visit #1 - Felt a little overwhelmed, got dizzy and light-headed, almost puked... Jen didn't fare much better. Three hours later, we had registered for only 6 items. Jen says more, but she was delirious and pregnant... :)

Visit #2 - Aunt Kim... GOD BLESS AUNT KIM!!!! She came to our rescue. Having gone through this process twice and therefore possessing quite a bit of 20/20 hindsight, she became our salvation. No offense to Jesus, but I think even He would be overwhelmed at the prospect. Let's just say I don't think Jesus was a person of excess, but BRU (as the insiders say) is the breeding ground for it! Anyway, thanks to Kim, we have a wonderful registry of things for Grady that we will have no idea how to use when we get home. :) I guess she'll have to come back and show us. Hey! and to you people reading this blog with previous baby-rearing experience... Don't be screenin' our calls!

Moving on... over the past few months the phrase "eating for two" has become more of a reality for my budding wife. According to Jen, it is true what others have said, that everything tastes better when you are pregnant. I'm sure all you past and present preggos would agree. A couple of weeks ago I got this text in the middle of the day that said.... "I just ate a footlong!" I had to check who it was from because it couldn't have been from my "barely finishes a six-incher" wife. But sure enough, she had just victoriously downed a footlong like a conehead in one continuous bite! I was on the floor laughin! You would've thought she was a junior high boy proudly proclaiming that he just ate a whole large pizza! I offered my congratulations.

Meanwhile, back at BRU... have you noticed how fancy strollers are? I mean they have all the luxuries of a nice car. Most of them have lightweight aluminum frames, with cup-holders, and soft cushy seats that recline. Some of the car seat things look like wingback chairs... I'm surprised they don't have the lazyboy kick outs. They also come in some pretty fancy fabrics and designs. For real... mark my words... in about three or four years they're gonna start putting lcd screens under the hood of those things.

Finally, we had our last sonogram on Monday with Dr. G! (I'll post pictures soon). When we got there he said, "You guys mind waiting about 10 minutes? I've gotta go deliver a baby... be back!" What!?!?! Man, he not only talks fast, but he delivers fast too!!! We'll see.

So Grady is checkin' out just great! He's practicing breathing and head down kickin the fire out of Jen. She says he must be getting tighter in there though because his movements aren't quite as big.

In other matters, he's definitely a boy and he's gonna be a tank! Right now he's 3lbs. 8oz. and a whole week ahead in his development. Upon further inquiry, Dr. G says this doesn't mean he'll be born a week early, it just means that he gonna be BIG! Of course, Jen was celebrating! ;) Doc says if he continues on the regular course, he'll be like a nine pounder!!! He's definitely healthy. Here comes Grady Mac chuggin down the track.

And he's comin' fast... only 9 1/2 more weeks!!!


April 10, 2008

Grady's Mama

Well, most of the time I get on here and blab about things that are somewhat related and at times not at all related to our son who will be born in late June/early July!

Today I'm breaking the mold!! I know, it's scary, but just follow along. I want to write about something that is directly related to Grady.... his mom... my beautiful wife.

As much as I feel my love for this little guy growing and welling up inside, I feel so much more my love for her growing. It's growing for her it seems in proportion to her belly :) Sometimes it seems like I kiss her goodnight and wake up in the morning feeling like Grady's grown even more and my love for her has grown right along with him. Everything seems to be accellerating, moving so fast, but I think it is so beautiful that love is not lost in the midst of everything; it hasn't fallen behind. In fact, it is not only keeping up, but it is living, breathing, thriving, beating more than ever.

I know that many of you already believe this, but Jen is going to be the greatest mother. She is so deeply passionate and full of love and kindness. It is the greatest gift in my life that I get to experience this as her husband and soulmate. I can't wait for our sweet baby Grady to know this love too.

I could go on and on, but I'll sum it up with this: I think I've only seen the beginning of Jen's love and beauty. The best is yet to come!

Grady, you are truly blessed! Your mother's love is an extraordinary gift.


April 1, 2008

WWMS (What would Mary say?)

Ok, so it's been quite a while since we updated our loyal readers on all things babyish here in the McGowan household. Well, all you're getting today is a teaser, because it's 11:55 at night for cryin out loud!!

So Jen and I have not subscribed to the unsolicited baby advice magazine, but little did we know that every expectant mother and father gets signed up for a free subscription. I think it's some weird conspiracy theory that the hospital hoodwinks you into after you have your baby. They say something like, "We won't turn over your little bundle of joy until you sign this legally binding agreement promising that you will liberally divulge all of the knowledge you have gained in the last 10 months about pregnancy on any and every person you know, remotely know, see across the street, in the mall that is, looks like, or smells like they are pregnant or rubs their belly in a suspicious manner even if they are still holding the soggy Krystal carton. In addition, you must also take it upon yourself to rub any and every pregnant or suspected-pregnant belly that you see, so as to spread the general discomfort felt by all pregnant ladies who have been touched by an eager uninvited toucher. Finally, you must not tell anyone of the secrets of this contract or we will send your child to a legalistic religious Montessori school, make them wear tights and you will foot the ivy-league bill. Sign here _________."

The whole point I was making is that we have opted not to take the free advice of some that would say we need to sleep now and get rested for when the baby comes. No, we stay up late and wake up in three hour shifts every night just to spite those eager two cent-ers... Well, we haven't gone that far, but we sure aren't storin up sleep. It's against our religion... You know, don't want to be caught sleepin' when Jesus comes. Just ask the ox that lost his feeding trough.

I wonder what kind of advice 'ol Mother Mary would give anyway...
"If Gabriel shows up at your house, don't be afraid... you're already pregnant."
"You are gonna learn so much from this child."
"Don't worry, not everybody can have a perfect child?"
"Oh, don't get me started on hospital accommodations!"
"Super-natural is the only way to go!"

Ok... I'm done... please forgive me if I offended your deep rooted affections for Mary.