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August 26, 2008

A day is as 1000 years!!

It's been 11 days since we've updated you on what's happening in Grady-land and we fully understand that this is a sin! 11 days in a newborn's life is like 3 years in yours and mine. The changes are coming so fast. He has begun to sleep for longer and longer intervals at night, his poops are becoming larger and less frequent, he is starting to roll over to his side, and, after he has worked through his last package of size 1 diapers, he will start sporting 2's. By the time we visit the doctor on Friday, Grady-Mac-Truck will probably be 14+ lbs.

In other news, Grady was visited by three special people this past weekend, Nana, Papaw, and Sasha. In adult language, that is my Mom, Curtis my step-dad, and my sister Sonya. Grady and Nana are old buds, but he had not had the opportunity to put his magic spell on Sasha and Papaw! But oh did he pour it on! Curtis is the person that I have to thank for all the neat sayins I have rolling around in my head like, "KD-bar the door (what?)", "You ain't got enough sense to pour piss out of a boot" (I'm just quoting, so don't be offended), and "On it" (pronounced like Ohn-it). Sonya, on the other hand, is the one person that I can trust to someday divulge to Grady the truth about my invisible childhood friend, Tupidy. No, really! This goes without saying, but Grady won them over quickly with his chubby belly and edible cheeks.

I know they will miss him, but we are making the trek to Nashville in a little over a week. They won't have to deal with Grady withdrawals for too long. And, for all of our friends reading this from the comfort of your Tennessee abodes, you will have the chance to see the cutest baby in the world!!! I can hear it in my head like a classic monster truck commercial...

SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Grady Lane, The Mac will be on the scene... featuring "The Edible Chubby Cheeks", "The Mommy's Nose" and "The Mini-Santa Belly"... Don't miss it!! Bring the whole family!! Kids 12 and under wash your hands!! AT GIGI'S HOUSE!! AND NANA'S HOUSE!! GRADY-MAC!!! NASHVILLE!! DON'T MISS IT!

After a few short months with Photoshop Express online, which looks like a racecar but runs like a dump truck, we have decided to move away from using it. Here is the link to our new photo albums location. You will still be able to see our old albums on photoshop, but henceforth we will post them to the new site.

Videos remain on Vimeo... it's so fresh and so clean clean!! Love it!

Splish'n and a Splash'n w/ Mommy from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

Not the Next Michael Phelps from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

Papaw and the Jumping Bean from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

August 15, 2008

Just Add Water

I'm pretty sure that I looked down the other day and saw Grady grow 3 inches and gain a whole pound right before my eyes. He's kind of like those little pill shaped things you used to beg for at the grocery store that when dropped into water grew into a giant dinosaur-shaped sponge. Man, so cool!! I mean the sponges... oh and of course Grady is cool and B-I-G, notoriously!

Seriously though, he just looked over at me and I was astounded once again at his good looks. I mean he is a chip off the old block for sure! :) Ok, so he looks more like his mommy, but he's definitely got his daddy's toes.... yesssss!!!

Well, Grady man has been doin a lot since we last talked via one-way-blog-conversation (wouldn't have to be one way if you would comment!) I mean, he's starting to make talking sounds instead of sticking solely to grunting. I'm so proud of him, already diversifying his portfolio! I knew he'd be smart! He's also into hitting and grabbing things with his hands and is seriously about to roll over. Jen and I checked on him the other day during a nap and he had turned himself sideways in the crib. He also made the leap or, shall I say, mommy and daddy made the leap and he's been sleeping in his crib all night. We hooked up the monitor, but opted not to attach the supposed-to-bring-peace-of-mind-but-really-keeps-you-awake-worrying-with-every-little-sound movement sensor mat! It was a good decision.

And just when you thought that the Olympics had completely dominated your lives and extra curricular viewing schedule, more pictures and videos of Grady are posted which prove to be more exciting and less monotonous than Michael Phelps gold medal #8!

August 3, 2008

Grady Lane Update!!

Sorry we haven't updated in a while...things have been pretty busy around here! Gigi, Kim & the girls kept me company while Aubrey was away at youth camp. Grady had his one month appt. and was again awarded an A+. He has also been busy with his normal daily activities of sleeping, following people with his eyes, grunting, smiling, filling diapers and, of course, eating. Evidence of his healthy eating habits can be seen all over... in his cheeks, his belly, his legs, and his double chin. In fact, the picture above is Grady's tribute to his Grandaddy and Papaw, who both sport the belly-hanging-over-pants look.

On a more serious note, I know some of you have been praying w/ us for our good friends Justin & Alyson. Aly's water broke last Sunday at 23 weeks. On Wednesday night, little Jonathan became the newest member of heaven's nursery. My heart is broken for them and I can't even wrap my head around why this happened but I'm encouraged by their strength and trust in the Lord. The service on Saturday was so special! Please continue to pray for them as they heal.

Honestly, Grady is such an unexplainable gift and I am so in love w/ this little man! Here are some pictures & videos from the past few weeks...

For Pictures CLICK HERE.

Grady Fresh from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

Grady and Hannah Feeding from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

Grady in a deep sleep from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.