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June 6, 2008

A few of my favorite things! - Part 1

Over the past few months, which by the way have travelled by at the speed of light, I have found a few interesting things amidst enormous consumerist clutter of babydom! I thought you might find them entertaining, informative, provocative, and downright appalling. I guess it all depends on where ya come from!

For our first installment, I give you...

#1 - The manchild

This was one of our favorite pictures from Month 5 of our What To Expect While You're Expecting (Yes, I said month five because it really takes like 10 months to read... cut off a few hundred pages and you'd have War and Peace.) Anyway, you might understand the fear that struck us when we saw this "What your baby looks like" picture. I thought... OH NO!! This baby has early onset HGPS. Look at the furrowed brow and the bald head. Give him a pipe, fidora, and a cane and he could star in Grumpy Old Men III.

Powerful! Yet Scary!

PS. This work of art otherwise known as a photo was edited on a PC... Take that you Mac Nazi's!!

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