Grady Lane McGowan


Jett Aubrey McGowan

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May 3, 2008

Pictures from 30 week appt.

Grady's First Headshot

Sweet little man

He's got hair!


Getting something to drink.


Linsey said...

Those lips! So sweet!

Rollins Family said...

So, Ive been asking around to all the boy mommies about this gown issue. And to let you know I am not crazy, everyone I have asked put their little men in gowns at first. You should really reconsider your verdict. If not, Aunt Kim will just have to bring him one when I come in town. HA HA HA.

Lindsay Schneck said... have had more sonograms than anyone i know!

ps...liam definitely wears gowns, but we call them "sleepers" cause he's a boy :)