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May 14, 2008

Birthing Class, Shower Bliss & An Ode to Gigi...

We are officially half way through our birthing classes. They have been great...very informative and actually fun, who knew? When we were in Nashville, Gigi (my Mom) bought us this amazing video camera, which Aubrey is pretty much obsessed with! At our first class, I was busy filling out paperwork and signing in and suddenly got this overwhelming feeling that someone was staring at me. I look over and it's Aubrey...w/ the camera, commentating our class! I was like what are you doing...put that thing down! So embarrassing!:-) So, no worries...we're getting lots of practice before Baby Grady comes so that you will have plenty of posts for your viewing pleasure!

My last day of work was Monday & Aubrey had his final exams last night, so things seem to be winding down for the home stretch! Our showers are now officially over so we are busy putting Grady's nursery together and writing thank you notes for all of the amazing blessings we received! Seriously, I had the most wonderful showers and felt so encouraged and loved! My sister asked a friend of ours to take pictures at the Nashville shower and she captured the day so perfectly! You can check them out on her web page at

Yeah, so I'm not really going to write an ode or a lyrical poem about how wonderful Gigi is...I just don't have the skills! I'll leave that to my wonderful husband! I just wanted to brag about what an amazing Mother God has blessed me with! She flew down last weekend for my TX shower, which meant so much & then spent the next few days helping me sort, organize, make returns, etc! I really don't know what I would've done w/out her! She has given me & my sister such a great, Godly example to model after!

The picture above is of me & Grady last Thursday before our class. We had an appt. yesterday and the doc said that everything looks great! Grady's head down & ready for his grand entrance! I can't believe we only have 6 (give or take) more weeks! I hope I'm ready but either way, he's coming!!!!!!



Kristen said...

You look beautiful! That's quite a belly you have going on there! :-)

I can't wait for Will and Grady to get here!


Linsey said...

You look so great. I am glad you had great showers. It is a blessing to get that nursery filled up before Grady gets there. Hey, are you guys available for dinner one night soon? I will host if you guys can come over. Let me know when would work for ya'll!

The Dover Family said...

Jen! Oh my look beautiful! I looks like Grady is laying horizontal in there!


Lindsey said...

what a great picture! i am so excited for you guys and i LOVED taking your pictures :) are way too photogenic!