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March 30, 2009

"doctor DOCTOR, Mr. MD, DOCTOR!"

I love that old song! Aubrey & I both grew up on oldies music and could sing you every song on "oldies 96.3eeeee!" I never finished part 3 of my blog trilogy. So here ya go...just a week late!:-)

We had been home from Nashville for about a week & a half when it happened...our first real sickness!:-( Grady woke up on a Thursday morning (March 12th, to be exact :) with a fever and a nasty cough that had been coming on for a few days. We took him to the doc where she prescribed some breathing treatments for the little guy's wheezy cough! She also gave him a low dose antibiotic for what looked to be an ear infection comin' on! She told us that after a few treatments, he'd be fine and wouldn't fight us anymore. What she didn't tell us is that we needed a dang straight jacket for those first few!:-) Poor guy...we would strap him into the bouncy seat and each hold an arm and he screamed the whole time! It seriously broke my heart! But she was right...after that, he would just sit and watch one of his videos w/ the mask on - pitiful, I tell you!

What made it even worse was that he seemed to be getting worse instead of better! By Saturday morning, his temperature was still hangin' around and even higher...103! So, we took him to Acute Kids (such a great place, btw) where they put him on a stronger antibiotic b/c they said it looked to be bacterial after all. The doc said that though the breathing treatments were helpful, they weren't necessary...WHAT!? Don't tell me that this torture was for nothin'! He said that they had definitely helped open up his airways and w/ the healing process overall...SHEW! So glad he stuck that in!:-) By Monday the kid had no fever, less fussies!:), and just a lingering cough! HALLELUJAH! I'm sure glad Spring is headed our way here in TX!!!


Rollins Family said...

Sweet baby boy. He looks so big holding that mask on his face.

Gigi said...

He is cute even when he is sick!! Glad spring is coming and hopefully sickness behind.

Lindsay Schneck said...

We got sent home with a nebulizer this week too! Only Liam is old enough to pry that mask right off his face every time. So I have to sit there and hold it so the smoke goes right in his face. Momma gets a breathing treatment too :) Hope little Grady gets to feeling better soon!

The Dovers- said...

Girl, I am sure you are a pro by now..but I have a few recent discoveries to share with you. Walmart sells vitamin drops to put in his formula/milk for daily doses of good stuff. One Step Ahead has a product called earcheck that detects fluid in the middle ear. mase had a lot of ear infections and this thing is a-mazing! Thirdly, i started him on pro-biotics (powder add in to his milk) that helps fight off ear infections, stabalizes his good/bad bacteria (that antibiotics off-sets) and also normalizes his digestive system after being on antibiotics. Just FYI. love ya!

Kelley Blair said...

I am so sorry he was sick, but that is the cutest picture. I love it.