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March 4, 2008

My Little Gymnast - Week 24!

I can't believe tomorrow marks Week 24! It seems like I started feeling Grady move overnight! He is actually kicking me right now, as I type!:) He is such an active little guy & Aubrey gets to feel him almost daily now, which he is very excited about! I know women have been experiencing pregnancy & having babies for years but this is seriously the neatest miracle I have ever experienced! Every week when I read what is happening with my baby, I am amazed! He weighs over a pound now and is nearly a foot long! The last update said that he will double in size over the next four weeks, which means guess will I!:) Not really but I am growing quickly now...we will post some pictures soon.

We had an appt. last Friday, which was pretty uneventful. It was the usual weigh in, (Grady & I have gained 14 pounds now!) blood pressure, pee in a cup, listen to Grady's precious heartbeat that makes me cry every time I hear it & out the door. Dr. Garner says that everything looks perfect and that after next month's appt., we will start coming every 2 weeks...crazy!

I am starting to feel things speed up now & pressure to get the nursery ready, showers planned, books read, classes attended, etc. etc...but I know it will all get done! We had our first prenatal class last week...breastfeeding 101, which I am sure you'll hear more about in Aubrey's next post.

Stay tuned!



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Rollins Family said...

Thanks for the update Jen. I cant wait to see ya in a couple of weeks.