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February 14, 2008

Boot Scootin' Grady

As some of you may know, Jen was actually visiting good 'ole hometown Hendersonville last week. Unfortunately, she got sick the first day and it didn't get any better. She arrived on Thursday afternoon and pretty much stayed in bed from Friday night until Wednesday morning when she left. I was seriously bummed because I had been sick the week before she left and had done everything I could not to get her sick... I mean I didn't even try to kiss her for like a whole week. During her hours in bed though, Jen did some research on the flu and found out that you can catch it from just breathing the same air as someone who has it. It wasn't a fact that made her feel any better, but I kind of felt relieved that it could've been anyone... Maybe even the high school kid that checked her out at youth the other night (not joking)... I mean, it's rude! But she does have that pregnant glow! :)

Anyway, we were worried about little Grady and Jen was afraid to take medicine even though she had a fever. But talking to the Dr. she found out that the fever was more dangerous than the medicine, so she took some Sudafed. She began feeling better, but hadn't felt Grady yet that day. Worry had set in until he started just kickin her like a mule...

Pause the story... prior to her leaving I made her spit-shake and swear on Ducky that she wouldn't let anyone feel him before I did. I mean, this kid is half me... I wanna feel him first (ok I'm a brat) But hey, it's only fair! Jen gets to feel his spaceballs-alien-like-stomach-churning-no-longer-just-fluttery kicks and punches all the time. It's only natural that I want to feel his boot scootin' boogey too.

...When she felt him, she called Gigi in. She was so excited that he was moving again that she must've had a moment of pregnesia because she said those words, "Hey, come here. Can you feel him?" (Wait just a second... I feel so betrayed!!)
Well, needless to say, as hard as he was kicking, Gigi felt him right away. :( All in all, I guess I'll let it slide. :) I mean he's technically some small percentage of her too. Love you GIGI!!!!

That being said, when Jen arrived home from her sick leave in Nashvegas, we had stopped at Sonic for some much needed pregnancy rations (It's new on the menu. Look to your right as you pull in. It's all preggo friendly.) and he started to kick again..... OH YEAH!! This was my big chance.... I channeled all of the focus I had into the synapses of my hand... and... YESSSSS!!!! Me and GradyMac had our first contact!!! He gave me five through Mommy's belly and it was awesome... so slow though... he must've been really concentrating on his form... I told him the key is to "watch the elbow". Grady, Grady, Grady, this is just the beginning of our entertain/annoy Mommy antics! Oh man I love this kid and his Mommy more and more everyday!!!


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