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January 1, 2008

Put those people on a leash!

This year already holds the promise of being a milestone in the McGowan family history books. Sometimes we go into a year with enormous expectation for what is to come while other years we have no clue what is about to happen. 2008 looks to be a year for both of these. At the same time we feel so much excitement for BabyMac's arrival, we also feel anticipation for all of the unknowns.

During the past few months and as we continue through the next 5 1/2, there have been and will continue to be rapidly increasing waves of reality that soak in more deeply as time passes. Now, even on the verge of week 15, Jen was saying that sometimes it still feels like we're just pretending. Of course, during the first 12 weeks, the frequent nausea served as a subtle reminder of "Hey, you're pregnant."

There is also the recurring reality that we are going to be parents; a role for which there are no prequalifiers. There are applications for jobs at McDonalds and 7-11, but not for parenthood. You have to take a test and actually pass it to get your driver's license, but there are no tests required by law to have a baby, although we may need to talk to our legislators about that. It's actually quite the dichotomy. On one hand it is rather hilarious (and comforting might I add) to see some of the crazy people that are having kids. Some are celebrities while others are just regular everyday kooky people whose paths you have the privilege of crossing. The other side is that it's really quite sad that their progeny will have to be raised by such crazies! From the outside, these people aren't any more ready to have kids than a couple of caged lab rats. OK, that's mean... but you understand what I'm sayin'... wait, you thought that I was referring to you... Oh no... Of course not... You're not a crazy parent... You're just protective... Hey look out! I think that leash is on too tight... no really his face is blue... no, not your dog...


Baby Mac's Crazy Daddy

P.S. Happy New Year!!

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