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January 1, 2008

Technical Stuff

This Thursday we are going upstairs at the doctor's office for an ultrasound that may tell us what we're having. Yes, we do want to find out. We're pretty sure there will be enough to take in on BabyMac's B-day. Oh, and yes, I said "upstairs" because apparently they have an ultra-mega-powerful-magic8ball sonogram that will give us a better chance of finding out. It was really weird, when Jen called up there though. They questioned her like she was a criminal; as if she was some pregnant lady trying to scam a free sonogram off them. I wanted to tell them, "Listen here! Our Doc told us to call you so apparently he wants us to have one! So shut-up and stop pestering my emotionally volatile pregnant wife with technical questions that she doesn't have the answer to!!!" Post-interrogation we were able to secure an appointment.

In my pre-pregnancy mind, it seemed like people didn't find out what they were having, even if they wanted to, until much later. But people find out between 15 and 20 weeks on a regular basis. This is going really fast!

You know, well-intentioned people often tell us "Life as you know it is over!" But I'm kind of glad. Don't get me wrong, I love life as we know it. But this life - pregnancy, Baby Mac, parenthood - is even better!

We'll see Dr. Garner (a.k.a. The Fast-talking Lady Dr.) on Friday. So as soon as we have news we'll let you guys know. In the meantime, that means you only have a couple more days to vote in our poll while it still matters. Your baby predicting reputation is on the line...

Can't wait,


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