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December 25, 2007

Ya'll is the problem!

Let's get straight to the point. Some people have asked the question, "Why Baby Mac?"

The origin of the name Baby Mac is pretty simple really. It stems from a foundational flaw with the whole English language; the lack of sufficient personal pronouns. There are two examples that uncover this linguistic fracture millions of times every day.

The first is "Ya'll"(as most people spell it) or "Y'all"(as Jen spells it). This conjunction has been the subject of heavy scrutiny through the years. It is close cousins with the slightly more pc, "You guys" and variations thereof. The problem here is this, there is no second-person plural personal pronoun in the vast resources of our dear language. This was a glaring oversight by those classic English linguists. If they would've just made something up, who knows maybe the Civil War wouldn't have taken place. North and South would have lived in perfect harmony. But nooo!

The second is equally as problmatic. This is the use of "it" as a pronoun in reference to a baby whose gender is unknown. I think this is just cruel! The heck if you'll catch me calling my very own flesh and blood "It." That's so cold and creepy. Think clowns and Stephen King. There's no "it" in Jen's tummy. No "it" on our sonogram pictures. No "it" monogrammed on our baby's first blanket. No, our baby in these unknown gender / pre-name days will be referred to as "Baby Mac"!

Ain't no child of mine gonna be called "It" ya'll!!!

And that's it...


1 comment:

The Blair Family said...

This is my first time on your blog. I will be checking it regularly. Any chance of some picture updates?
Love, Kelley
P.S. It is a BOY.