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December 11, 2007

Coming Soon!

Introducing...Baby Mac

Boy or Girl - 50/50 chance either way.

Grand Entrance - On or around June 25th, 2008

Name - "Baby Mac" for now.

How far so far - 12 weeks

Be back soon to tell the whole story.



Beth Allison said...

Oh, I just love you guys soooo much and I know you're going to be fabulous parents. This little baby is so blessed!

so'anya said...

I am sooooo excited for you!! (Thankful it's not me) but very excited for y'all! I've been there, done that and truly believe that a child is the most unique gift God can give! Y'all are going to have an AWESOME family!! Jen, you'll be a very beautiful and fashionable prego/mom :)

Love y'all so much!!!

jon schneck said...

hey guys. i cant wait to hear more. i voted girl.


Amslie said...

I voted girl! Don't know why but I see ya'll having that first! Congratulations!

Dusty and I miss HOPE... I talked to Alyson the other day and she said she'd just gotten back from the Lifegroup Christmas party!

Sanchez said...

You guys are such wonderful parents already! We are so excited about your little gift coming in June. James 1:17. We are praying for you both! Love you guys!

Rollins Family said...

It is so exciting to be able to shop in the baby section again. I feel as though I am as excited (if not more) with my sis having a little one, as I was when we were pregnant. Being on this side of things, I can truly tell you what a blessing and amazing journey you are about to take together. Man, these are the days!!!!! Truly enjoy them. We love you guys so much.

Honescko's said...

Hi guys! We are so excited for you! We voted "boy" because when he gets older "Big Mac" sounds cool for a guy....but not so cool for a girl....



Jenni said...

What a great Christmas for you year, there will be a little one in the holiday picture. The Lord is good, and He knows just when to call His own. Congrats! We voted boy, but have no idea. Can't wait to know.
David and Jenni Eastin