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December 7, 2009

Month one... did I just say month?

Wow! Our little Jett-man has crossed his first major milestone. He is now a 1 month old. I'm not sure how long you can still call him a newborn, but, considering he's gained almost three pounds since his debut, I think newborn is a fading memory. Here are some pictures and a little welcome home video from Grady!

Welcome Home Jett from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

Grady welcomes little brother home!



the ericksons said...

love them!

Allen and Jessica said...

HOW PRECIOUS!! Loved the video of the boys together!! You guys have been RiChLy blessed!! :) Love watching your sweet family evolve from a distance. . .

Kelley Blair said...

That video was hillarious. I could watch Grady run all day long. So sweet. Jett isn't an exact twin of Grady anymore but still looks ALOT like his big brother. Thanks for the updates.