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October 3, 2009

Up up and away!

It is perhaps one of the cheesiest and/or trippiest songs played on oldies stations across the universe, but yet it is so catchy. "Up up and away in my beautiful balloon." While it is unfit as a theme song for life, it is quite fitting as a theme song for a balloon festival. Needless to say, it was definitely bouncing around in my head a couple of weekends ago when we visited the Plano Balloon Festival. We didn't know what to expect, but we had heard from friends that it was pretty cool.

It was a beautiful day and the people were out in droves. Of course, Mrs. McGowan in her pregnate state and I in my sympathetic nature fell victim to the Super-sized Corndog stand right off the bat. I mean... uhh... good! Seriously, doesn't everybody like corndogs? Grady and I tag-teamed one. I ate the dog while he had the corn. He then proceeded to mooch some off of Mommy too. I was proud. It was a team effort. Go Team McGowan!

A little word of advice when visiting festivals, carnivals, and other -ivals of the like. Please do yourself a favor and bring your most off-road ready stroller. I decided to bring the cheapy umbrella stroller whose wheels were so small that it made it almost impossible to roll it through grassy areas. There were a couple of times that the tiny wheel dug into the turf and I nearly vaulted over the stroller or suffered a cheap shot to the gut by the poorly padded handle. Next time I'm bringin the sidecar!

Anyway, Grady loved the balloon "glow" as they called it. After dark, the balloons all burned their torches in unison which resulted in an amazing display. Little man was clapping and cheering them on as they counted down to each glow.

Here are some pics from our adventure!


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