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September 2, 2009

30 weeks!

We are seriously more than behind w/ our has been a little crazy this month!!! But I wanted to give everyone an update on our new little man! I had my 30 week appt. today and it went great...bp was 120/78 and I've gained 16 lbs. to date, which she and I were both thrilled about! He is already head down and she said he probably won't turn back now! He is posterior or "sunny-side up," just like Grady was which is why she said I am feeling SO much movement (and back pain)! His heart rate is still in the 140's and was so strong, though she had to chase him around to hear it!:-) We have almost decided on a name, so...stay tuned!


Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

Jen! I saw your blog posted on facebook! so glad to have this, i'll check it often now :) I'm a blogging fan!!! You look as beautiful as ever in your 30th week of pregnancy. Your little boy is precious!!! God bless you, dear!

Courtney said...

I can't believe you are already 30 weeks pregnant!! I feel like you were just 30 weeks pregnant with Grady! Time goes by so fast, especially when you have a kiddo. You look so good!!

Michelle Harmon said...

You look amazing!! 30 weeks!!?? How is that possible? This one is going soooo fast! Can't wait to hear a sewing machine is waiting.....

Kelley Blair said...

You look great Jenn! Can't wait to hear the name, please do not leave us waiting too long! :) Hope you enjoyed your family visit. 10 weeks to go!!!