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June 9, 2009

Confessions of a Rookie Dad #2

Confession #2 - My hands are dirty

For 27+ years of my life I put a low value on the importance of clean hands. What I mean by that is, well... I didn't wash my hands very often. OH COME ON! Don't sit there in your self-righteous hand-washyness as if you really follow the full FDA instructions. Oh and I'm sure that you say your full ABC's while scrubbing the soap from your ultra-hygenic appendages. I'm not saying that I didn't wash at all. I mean I'm not completely disgusting. But my confession is that, since Grady has come along, I have become acutely aware of the dirtyness of my hands. Whereas it never used to bother me to go directly from cleaning the bathroom to eating a nice juicy sub sandwich, now I am incapable of doing so. I have this unavoidable urge to wash my hands before and after every meal and even after working in the yard. I don't know from whence it hath cometh, yea but it hath cometh. I am truly a changed man with clean manos. I have even begun to enjoy something that I have missed out on all of these years: the joy of scented hand soaps. Two of my favorites are Mrs. Meyers Lavender and Bath and Body Works's's' Dancing Waters!

This is my confession. I feel so fresh and so clean clean.



Michelle Harmon said...

Aubrey you are hilarious.

I have to agree that I am now more aware of the cleanliness of my hands as well.

A Mommy said...

Actually, I do say the ABC's as I wash! I had to double check as I read this to make sure it was you and not Jen writing this post! Really??? Scented hand soaps? It's a good thing you play a mean guitar or your manliness might be in question! - Ashley N.

amy (metz) walker said...

I clicked over from Facebook after Jen's teaser about what baby #2 was and died laughing at this post. Hilarious.