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February 20, 2009

the cutest valentine...

I have been waiting to post this picture of my precious little valentine! I wanted to make sure that all of Grady's family & (girl)friends got it in the mail first!:-) It was a unanimous...YES! My friend Shannon took some pictures of Grady recently for her 'Share the Love' contest and she surprised me with these for letting her use Grady's picture...what a gal!!!

I had the best valentine's day yet! It started w/ this...

Grady was a little under the weather, so Jaci (our sweet sitter) came early and I got to go to church w/ Aubrey. Afterwards, we walked out to the parking lot to get the car...only it wasn't our car! It was a gorgeous, silver porsche! ...what a fun surprise! He took me to Pappasitto's (my FAVORITE!) and then we spent the rest of the evening riding around and talking. When we were almost home, Aubrey reached in the side pocket and pulled out a little purple box. He said "I wish I could do more"...WHAT!? I'm thinking "all I got you was a homemade card and some dark chocolate m&m's!" He spoiled me w/ not 1...not 2...but 3 massages!!! Seriously the best gift ever! Thanks to both of my gorgeous valentine's...I have to be the most blessed woman alive and I don't deserve it!



Gigi said...

He definitely is the "cutest valentine" In a few years the girls will be in line to get a card from the famous Grady Mac!

Leah Susi said...

I loved that cute Jennifer! I think you are in Nashville now or going there soon, so I hope you enjoy your time!

Familia Sanchez said...

I'm sure you deserved every bit of it:). Keely was honored to get one of his little cards. So CUTE!!