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November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, I'm a bit late posting this but hey, give me a break! We put our house on the market, sold it, spent a week in Minnesota, found a new house, packed up and moved...all in 4 weeks! Stresses me out just typing it!:-)

We took Grady man to the Fall Festival at our church last week! After a long day, he wasn't exactly thrilled about being a zebra!:-)

cutest zebra ever!
My photographer friend, Shannon took this one...

Daddy & his little zebra

Grady & Eme (birthday buddies!)

Shannon also took this one of Grady w/ her son, Christopher & hubby, Jonathan!



Rollins Family said...

Cutest zebra I ever did see!!!!

Leah Susi said...

You have all the right not to be posting right now...however, it was fun to see Halloween pictures. I have to agree with Kim, that is one good looking zebra! I hope the move went well and look forward to seeing pictures!

Ronni said...

I hated that I missed seeing Grady in his zebra costume - but the pictures are so good, so Im happy now :)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Aw, love these pictures! The zebra costume is cracking me up!

Kelley Blair said...

He is a doll. Bring him back so I can see him again (you and aubrey too). I am glad Kim's trip went well, she said she had a lot of fun. Tell your neighbor hello for me :)