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November 20, 2008

All Things New

The last six weeks have been a whirlwind adventure for the McGowan clan. We have:

-Listed our old house - kind of on a whim

-Sold it - kind of a week later. Praise Ye the Lord and Big Strib our realtor.

-Bought a new house - had only one day to search

-Moved - with lots of help from Nana and some great friends, including Eddie McKinzie (Pastor John's dad) who quipped my favorite quote of the past few months. He would be taking a break and someone would ask him if he was alright. His response was, "Just sittin here waitin on the world to catch up." Nice. I will be using that one.

-Experienced daylight savings time in a whole new light. Fall back used to be a semi-annual highlight. Yeah, it's all fun until your 4 month old thinks it's 6:30, but just kidding... it's really only 5:30. Haha... gotcha... not too funny... but still cute.)

-Been verbally assulted, insulted, battered, etc. by our new neighbor. Vengance is the Lord's..... oh wait, um... No one is beyond His reach...there's pow'r in the blood... yeah that's what I meant!

-I can walk to work in about 8 minutes. Love it! And Jen and Grady can come and visit me at the office.

-Grady finally figured out how to roll back to his tummy! This is a/an historic accomplishment!

-Introduced the little man to cereal, a.k.a. mushy grits, and he is seriously takin to it like a champ! He loves to get a spoon full and wash it down with a little thumb sucking before the next. I am working on a video for that!

-One day Grady gained 5 lbs from the time I left for work to the time I got home. OK that's a tiny stretch. But no joke, sometimes he grows and changes hour by hour.

-Implemented our weekly Family Menu! Seriously saving some cash and loving the time we get to cook together as a family. Daddy grills the meat, Mommy cooks the veggies, Grady's the taste tester, and Riley mops the floor. Like a well oiled machine! (ok, just kidding about the taste tester thing... don't be so uptight... laugh a little... I never knew that babies loved jalapenos)

-We finally had room in our new house to break out the exersaucer. Yes, I totally wish that they had one my size. Envious I am, but so proud of Grady. He's doing so good at holding his head up and grabbing everything in sight.... such a big boy! We love him so much!

That's enough news for now... Even though America's Funniest Home Videos begs us for mercy and threatens to file Chapter 11, 13, 19, and 84 everytime we say it, here is some riveting new footage of our little guy. Just meeting the demands of the public... Sorry Bob Saget and that other guy that's not really funny on the show, Grady Lane is comin at ya live and commercial free! Enjoy!

Sir Laughs-a-lot from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

GradySaucer from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

A Sad Story from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.



Kelley Blair said...

Wow, a lot is going on. Thanks for the updates. Congratulations on the house. That is awesome, the neighbor- not so much, but it has to be worth it if you can walk to work! That is so great.
Happy Thanksgiving McGowans!
Love, The Blairs

Lindsay Schneck said...

Liam and I watched the videos this morning and Liam sure thought his friend Grady was funny! He also has lots to say back to him. I think he was saying, "Come and visit. We miss you." :)

Kristen said...

Will sat on my lap while I was watching your videos. He was in absolute AWE staring at the computer. Then, he started laughing and talking to Grady. Pretty cute!

Kristen said...

BTW - Grady is ADORABLE!

The Dover Family said...

Grady's sweet face + Aubrey's hilarious commentary = pure entertainment. So glad to reconnect with you, Jen, on facebook! Although I miss you guys more now! Remember, we are doing something for Christmas! I can cook for your sweet family, if you want!