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October 3, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things - Baby Edition #2

In all my years, I have still not accomplished the great feat of reading the Bible through in a year... until now!!!!! No longer is that guilt trip to be lain on my shoulders by greedy read-the-Bible-in-a-year manufacturers and their holy-literacy regimes. In the past month alone, I have read the Bible through more than FOUR times... count it faithful brothers and sisters!!!!!! Back off you Gifters of Guilt... You Deliverers of Dissention... Take That!!! Of course, I have to admit that it probably does not meet the publisher's standards for the specifications of an adequate study Bible. Actually, it has cardboard pages and cool colorful pictures. Oh and it summarizes the whole of Biblical truth, wisdom, and knowledge in less than 20 pages! So, if you are feeling burdened by the guilt placed upon you by the "one year one-ders"... pick up your copy today, of my #2 Favorite Thing - Baby Edition

Little Golden Book Bible!

Happy Guiltless Reading!



Ronni said...

I can't wait to get a copy :)

Michelle said...

So I was totally one of those that always started in Genesis 1:1 and fell asleep by Genesis 4:1 and then started again the next night back at the beginning because I felt guilt for not remembering what I had read the night before! So I personally thank you for finding this book!

Heather said...

Is this Jennifer Boyd from H'ville? this is Heather Lee from High School, I found your blog thru Courtney's and thought I would say hello!! BTW, we are in Texas too!!! Small world, hope this is the right girl, and if you have to go look up pic from school that is cool too!! Gorgeous baby boy too!! Just thought I would say hi!