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April 26, 2010

sweet brothers!

Grady LOVES his baby "budder" Jett or Jettoo (b/c Mommy calls him Jettaroo!:)
This was a few weeks ago...Grady totally tackled Jett & Mommy was worried, 'til I saw this! It lasted for about 5 minutes! SO sweet!!!

Grady always wants Jett to sit in his chair w/ him...


Kelley Blair said...

Those pictures are so sweet. You can tell Jett loves the attention from Grady. They look alike in the chair picture.

Michelle said...

How precious!!! What sweet boys:)

Jana said...

Sweet little boys. They are so cute!

ericksons said...

love your boys. they are so sweet.

Alia Dalwai said...


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Keep up the good work!

N i really really love ur kids!

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Great job on kids! You are a great parent.

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