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November 13, 2009

Arrival: Terminal L&D Gate 14 - Part 1

Flight Information:

Airline: Little Miracle Airlines
Jett Aubrey McGowan
Departure Airport:
Arrival Airport: JAG
Arrival Time: 11/5/09 1:31 PM
Terminal: L&D
Gate: 14

Yes! He is here! The
Jett-man has arrived and we are so excited to meet him!

I can't believe that he's already over a week, but it's been full of many cool moments. I'm just now getting a chance to sit and write this down, but I didn't want to wait any longer because I tend to be a tad forgetful where details are concerned anyway. But, in consideration of our faithful readers' time, I've chosen to split this into two different posts. So hang tight! This flight is about to take off!

Why Nov 5th?
When we began this journey with
Jett, we made a decision to switch lady doctors because Jen felt she wanted someone who was more encouraging and natural friendly. The hospital where Grady was born sees about 2% of women deliver naturally so we were looking for a more suitable climate for our plans. We found our midwife, Aliza, through some friends who had used her and sung her praises. She was able to deliver at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Allen, otherwise known as Allen Presby. It just so happened that this hospital is the best in North Texas for people choosing to deliver like us. Wahoo!! Aliza was so awesome during the whole pregnancy and we knew that we had made the right decision. There was only one problem. She had to go out of town on November 8th.... Jett's due date was November 10th.... Uh-oh! But we did not want to have this baby without her. Thankfully, Jen was progressing very quickly toward an early delivery anyway. By the time of our last appointment on October 29th, Jen was already dilated (I just realized that "dilated" is not "dialated"... wow! thanks spell checker) to a 4 and Aliza felt confident that if she broke her water that Jen's body would pick up the cue that it was go time! So our "Rupture Induction" was scheduled for November 5th at 6:30 AM! It was kind of crazy to know that no matter what Jett would be here by November 5th.

The birds
The day before we had Grady while taking a "get this baby out" walk, Jen and I spotted a Blue jay and a Cardinal. We took it as a sign that he was coming soon and indeed he did. As we drew closer to Jett's arrival, we joked that if we saw those two birds again, then we'd know he was coming. Well low and behold, while out on Wednesday 11/4 on just such a walk, Jen saw a Blue jay wisp by as she was pushing Grady in his famous Red Car. Crazy, yes, but uncanny, no! All we needed though was a Cardinal sighting to seal the superstitious deal. And as crazy as it sounds, while Jen was feeding Grady lunch, he began pointing and grunting loudly. This was nothing unusual of course because his language skills remain at the intelligible only on occasion stage. On this day though, he insisted even more than on most days that mommy turn in the direction of his singular appendaged indication. And what to her wondering eyes did appear? Why, it was a cardinal sitting on our counter staring back at them with its beady eyes. Albeit its eyes were ceramic and the bird itself was a small candle holder. What's so crazy though, is that neither of us had even noticed it being on the counter until he pointed it out! I'm sure I put it there, but just forgot about it even though it was in plain sight. Anyway, we took this as proof that Jett was coming and a sign from the Lord Himself. You know that always feels good.

The Night Before Jett-mas
And all through the house, the world has never seen such hurried nesting! Instead of having to tackle huge projects though, we were only putting the final touches on a number of things thanks to Jen's thoughtful planning. Somehow she knew this day was coming... I don't know what tipped her off. Anyway, we were finishing up our focal point board and getting ready for Gigi and Aunt Kim's arrival. By midnight all was quiet at the McGowan house awaiting our 5:15 wake up call. Jett's birthday was finally here!

To Be Continued...



Cliff & Kim said...

We are so happy for you guys! I like the "Jett-man"...that is so cute!

Kristen said...

Awww man! You left us hanging! I can't wait for the next post!

Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

Ronni said...

You left off at the best part - I hate cliffhangers! :)