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May 21, 2009

Grady's 1st Baseball game...

We were given tickets to the Roughriders game on Monday night (for you Nashville readers...that is our local AA team). Along w/ the tickets, which ended up being on the 3rd row, right behind home plate...we had a free parking pass and little pink bracelets that allowed us to eat free!!! Grady thought Deuce (the mascot) was hilarious and got to give him a high-five! He danced every time the music came on and of course got to know everyone around us!:-) We had such a fun time...thanks Evans family!!!


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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You have a great blog....Just blog hopping today and enjoyed reading your blog...

I am posting on our Disney trip so hope you will stop by.

Also, the June giveaway starts today...all comments left in June will be in the drawing for the "June Card Box"! You will have to go down a few posts to read about the monthly giveaway.

Happy Sunday!