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April 27, 2009

9 month summary...

I haven't made a habit of doing monthly posts but this has been a very momentous 6 weeks!:-) I can't believe my Grady bug is 10 months old!

Okay, so I honestly thought the kid would never crawl! The only thing he seemed interested in was "assisted" walking...If you put him on his tummy, he would just grunt!:-) Well, after our trip home for Aunt Sasha's shower, he decided it was time! He's been pulling up & cruising around his musical table for I thought maybe he'd just jump straight to walking!? I've been making a list of all the milestones the kid has hit recently for his baby book & thought I'd share some of them w/ you...
  • March 16th - Grady started wasn't pretty at first w/ lots of face plants into the carpet but he got the technique pretty quickly!:-)

  • March 23rd - found Grady standing after his nap...he was screaming, of course b/c he had no idea how he got there or how to get back down; that same day he started saying Dada!!!
  • March 26th - Grady drank out of a straw at McDonald's! He seemed so interested in my coke, so I figured I'd let him chew on the straw. Next thing we know, the coke is slowly rising to his mouth! I thought maybe it was a coincidence but he still does it every time! So, now I just order him a kid's water! What a stinker!
  • April 6th - I realized that he could go from crawling to sitting!
  • April 9th - GRADY TAKES HIS FIRST STEPS! Only 3 weeks after he finally started crawling!:-) My sister and nieces were in town and we were hangin' out in the play room. Grady pulled up on Kim, turned around and took 3-4 steps to me! We all got so excited but I assumed it was a one time thing. Aubrey got out the video camera and Grady proceeded to go back and forth from me to Kim about 50 times! It was so special to share that precious moment w/ Aubrey, Kim and the girls! He has continued to cruise the furniture and will let go and walk to the nearest thing...a toy, the table, my leg! We're glad that he now catches himself instead of face-planting...especially since he seems to have no fear or memory of bonking his head!:-)
  • April 30th - Grady started clapping! And now he does it all the time! It is seriously the cutest thing and makes me smile every time!

Also, Grady just recently got 2 of his front not the middle ones, the side ones!:-) He is one serious snaggle-tooth and matches his cousin, Hannah! I guess the little man decided that since he's going to be a big brother now, he needed to master some skills!:-) What a guy!



Rollins Family said...

I am so glad that we were able to be apart of some of Gradys milestones. He is the cutest little man ever. Less than three weeks until we can get our hands on him again. I cant wait.

Michelle Harmon said...

What a big, grown up boy he is! I enjoyed reading his milestones. can't wait to play tomorrow!

Gigi said...

WOW how fast the first year goes with so many changes! He is certainly a fine young man!