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January 23, 2009

7 months!

I seriously can't believe that my baby boy will be 7 months old tomorrow! The past month has flown by and Grady has been busy growing and learning new skills. He started sitting up while we were in Nashville and pretty much has that mastered...w/ an occasional topple!:-) I put him in his bouncy seat the other day to watch a Baby Einstein video and when I came back a few minutes later, this is what I found...
Now that took some major ab strength!:-) He refuses to lay back now...why would he when he can sit up like a big boy!?

We actually missed little man's 6 month appt. b/c we were still in TN. When I called to reschedule, they couldn't get Grady in w/ his doc 'til April! They could get us in with his nurse practitioner, which we were fine with but we decided to take it as a chance to re-think our decision. We LOVE Dr. G but haven't been especially happy with the other staff. We were also disappointed that they charge extra for nurse's visits (i.e. delaying vacs). I didn't do very much research when looking for a pediatrician b/c so many folks recommended Centennial...and once we met Dr. G, we totally understood why!

Recently, a friend of mine was telling me about how much she loves her son's pediatrician. I e-mailed her to find out more and it turns out she has a more holistic approach and is very supportive of a delayed vac. schedule! We know that the subject of vaccinations is super controversial but after praying and researching the subject, we feel like this is what's best for our family right now. I was so nervous about switching until we got there! The appt. went great and we left knowing we had done the right thing! A much better fit, I think!

Grady had barely gained any weight since his last appt. but she wasn't worried. She said he's so active and is probably just not gonna be a big guy...shocker, I know!:-) My chunk-a-munk is now a the 25th percentile! But he's still hanging on in the 75th for his height!

In other news, my friend Shannon came over last week to get some 6 month pics of Grady and also some Valentine's shots for her website! I wasn't planning on being in the pictures (hence the ponytail & t-shirt) but I think they turned out GREAT! To see them, go to and in the clients section, type grady!

More to come soon!



Kelley Blair said...

The 6 mnth pics are great. You will be glad you got in some. The ones of you kissing on him are sweet. Ethan loved the Baby Einstein DVDs, they are great, they would make me want to sleep! Looks like Grady enjoys them too.

Kelley Blair said...

p.s. I love Riley in the boppy. You will have to order one of those. He wants to re-claim his position as baby of the family.

Michelle Harmon said...

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are adorbale! My two favorites are 287 and 465. He is such a cutie pie! You look beautiful in the pictures with him. I want to discuss the delayed vac. schedule some time. I am intrigued and curious and since you have been researching, I would like to know what you have found out! Can you send me the name and number of your new pediatrician? Great post!

Ronni said...

Grady's 6 month pics are so adorable! I can't wait for Shannon to do Brady's pics. Oh and that is too funny of Grady sitting up in the bouncer, Brady does the same thing.

Rollins Family said...

Him sitting in that bouncer is the cutest thing. Of course, anything the child does is the cutest thing. Man I love that kid

Katelyn said...

Hey! He is ADORABLE!!! We should hangout sometime! Love to babysitt!
Saw you were switching to Facebook from Myspace. What are you listed under?

Baby Paige said...

Hey McGowan's! Just a quick question - is your new doctor Dr. Bain? Because we switched to her for the same reasons and LOVE her!!
Just Curious!
Love, Patrick, Gina and Paige Murphy