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December 11, 2008


There's a new craze that's sweepin the McGowan nation. It's unorthodox I know, but still the hottest new thing! Grady, being the trendsetter that he is, has once again reached new heights. Or is it new lows? Yes folks, Grady's the name and toe-sucking is the game. I am truly counfounded by this kid's gumby-like flexibility. I mean, I won a couple of sit and reach contests in elementary school, but that's nothing! When he lays on his back, it's like a contortionist circus act. I'm not sure if it's just general curiosity or the taste, but he loves it. I actually took the liberty to taste his toes and they are pretty good. To him though, they must taste like turkish delights compared to that bland rice cereal slop he's been eating. FYI, I also tried the toe sucking thing myself, but I was unable to raise my foot quite far enough. Although, I was able to get it close enough that the smell quickly quenched my desire to continue. Warning, if you are unable at this juncture to even touch your toes, attempting to taste them could be harmful to your health. Leave the toe sucking to the kids... oh and the thumb sucking too.

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The Dover Family said...

Here is a clinical explanation for Grady's flexibility..and your lack-of. Baby's spines are curved in a C-shape when they are born. When they begin holding up their head, the cervical curve forms. When they begin to push up on their arms, their thoracic curve forms. And when they begin to crawl, their lumbar curve forms. That is why they are more comfortable in car-seats, than laying flat...and can so-easily..suck on their toes. (4 years in a chiropractic office = this random explanation.)

Rollins Family said...

Aubrey, you are so weird!!!! I love ya though.