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August 15, 2008

Just Add Water

I'm pretty sure that I looked down the other day and saw Grady grow 3 inches and gain a whole pound right before my eyes. He's kind of like those little pill shaped things you used to beg for at the grocery store that when dropped into water grew into a giant dinosaur-shaped sponge. Man, so cool!! I mean the sponges... oh and of course Grady is cool and B-I-G, notoriously!

Seriously though, he just looked over at me and I was astounded once again at his good looks. I mean he is a chip off the old block for sure! :) Ok, so he looks more like his mommy, but he's definitely got his daddy's toes.... yesssss!!!

Well, Grady man has been doin a lot since we last talked via one-way-blog-conversation (wouldn't have to be one way if you would comment!) I mean, he's starting to make talking sounds instead of sticking solely to grunting. I'm so proud of him, already diversifying his portfolio! I knew he'd be smart! He's also into hitting and grabbing things with his hands and is seriously about to roll over. Jen and I checked on him the other day during a nap and he had turned himself sideways in the crib. He also made the leap or, shall I say, mommy and daddy made the leap and he's been sleeping in his crib all night. We hooked up the monitor, but opted not to attach the supposed-to-bring-peace-of-mind-but-really-keeps-you-awake-worrying-with-every-little-sound movement sensor mat! It was a good decision.

And just when you thought that the Olympics had completely dominated your lives and extra curricular viewing schedule, more pictures and videos of Grady are posted which prove to be more exciting and less monotonous than Michael Phelps gold medal #8!


The Dover Family said...

He is so beautiful! He does look like Jen, no offense Aubrey.

The Dovers

Eric and Tyra said...

Great news and videos!! It is amazing how fast they change. Aren't those crinkly sounding toys the best? Noah loves those!
Keep the updates rolling in. Has Grady been back for any doctor's checkups lately?

Ronni said...

Yea, Im so glad you posted an update :) Grady is lookin' great!

Leah Susi said...

Thanks for the updates! We look forward to seeing you all soon.