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July 20, 2008

Grady McGradykins

We can't believe that our little man is almost a month old! He is getting so big and has unofficially gained about three pounds since his birthday. Everytime we wake up... and that's pretty often... it seems like his little cheeks have gotten chubbier and his little belly has rounded out a little more.

In the past week or so, he has finally hit his stride with sleeping and eating. He and mommy are doin so awesome! We've gotten to the point where we are willing to trade a couple of minutes of crying for an hour of walking around in our sub-spacious house to get him to sleep. I even got to play mommy and feed him the other night, by bottle of course! :) He took to it like a champ.
He's earned a couple of nicknames to this point in his life such as:
SweetAngelPreciousBabyBoy (thanks to Nana)

And depending on his mood he is...
Grady McGradykins
Fussy McFussykins
Grunty McGruntykins
Grumpy McGrumpykins
Unused but no less fitting names are...
Sleepy McSleepykins
Chubby McChubbykins
Poopy McPoopykins
Sharty McShartykins

I could keep going if you like... :) I'm sure that he'll have plenty of other names if I know his dad very well!

And, yes, in spite of the declining financial markets and the near collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, consumer demand for pictures and videos of little Grady Mac have spiked to an all time high. So, in response, the controlling partners at babymac08 have decided to release yet even more unseen footage. Enjoy and remember... invest wisely! Coming soon... GradyMac: The college fund!

Here are some CoolGradyPics

And some Cool Grady Vids

Hunger Cues from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.

Soothing Techniques from AUBREY MCGOWAN on Vimeo.



Melanie said...

y'all are hilarious. seriously. thanks for the laughs.

sam does that nose-sucking thing too! is that crazy or what? bob thinks i try to force it, but i think it's just mom and son communicating.

also, that green pacifier from the hospital is now the ONLY one sam will take. is grady the same? he looks awesome...can't wait to meet him someday!

Susan said...

Hey Jen and Aubrey (And Grady)
I don't think I've been on to tell you congratulations yet!
I also have some exciting news (in case Dorinda hasn't told you yet)... I'm engaged! for the story, go to
Love you guys! -Susan